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Recreational activities

St. Moritz and surroundings

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Ski lessons

The top children's ski region with an ideal beginner area and diverse learning aids is perfect for a ski vacation with your family. Plus, all of it is only 300 metres away from the Randolins family …

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Corvatsch snow park & half pipe

The snow park at the mid-way station Murtèl at Corvatsch offers snowboarders and free skiers a wide range of kicker and rail lines in different levels of difficulty and a half pipe that invites …

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“Crowland” Corviglia snow park

The "Crowland" snow park at the Corviglia mountain station, towards Marguns, is the ideal place for small and big skiers and snowboard enthusiasts to practice and have fun. The Fun Slope is …

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Cross-country skiing

Would you like to accompany your family on long, narrow boards gracefully through the breath-taking nature of the Swiss Alps? Then the Engadine is the perfect place for you!
A total of 230 kilometres …

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Baby buggy-friendly paths

In the winter, too, you'll still find plenty of baby buggy-friendly walking paths here for a variety of relaxing hikes ranging from two to four hours. In addition to the paths that are cleared in …

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When winter hits, the pass roads and hiking trails quickly transform into white snowy tracks that invite you to enjoy them with exciting sledding. In the Engadine, you'll find short downhill runs and …

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snowtubing in Maloja

Snowtubing offers a slightly different experience for young and old: Sledding fun of a different type, where riders race downhill in large rubber tyres on specially prepared slopes. The snowtubing …

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Ice rinks

The Engadine is the perfect place for young and old ice sport fans, since there are plenty of ice sports areas here to enjoy. Every town in the Engadine features an ice rink for skating, ice hockey, …

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Madulains ice trail

Skating along the riverbank through the snowy, picturesque river meadows, you and your family can enjoy the wonderful landscapes lining the Madulain ice path, which stretches about one kilometre …

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Would you like to start your day a little more calmly? Or are you planning a stroll of a special type? A romantic horse-drawn carriage or sleigh ride may be just the right thing for you and your …

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The Engadine also offers a couple of unique playgrounds in winter for discovery and excitement. Here's a preview of a few of them:


St. Moritz, Grevas schoolhouse playground:
The playground at the …

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Adventure pools

Dive in, relax, enjoy the view of the Engadine mountain landscape, and just have fun; experience it directly in the village at the OVAVERVA swimming pool in St. Moritz. You and your family can look …

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Climbing at Serlas Parc

Experience climbing and bouldering in a unique environment at "Serlas Climb". The impressive wood and glass architecture is complemented perfectly by the open view of the mountain landscape. 450 …

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Tennis & squash

Just 10 minutes away from the Randolins family hotel, the sports hall is the ideal place to spend a few hours of activity with your family. Four indoor tennis courts and two squash courts offer …

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Zernez National Park Centre

Experience and learn about nature, discover and question new things, or just marvel a little and actively get involved: The discovery path is inviting during the summer and the winter to both …

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The most precise sundial in the world is located at Muottas Muragl! In the summer, it functions as a sundial, while in winter, it functions nearly as precise as a moondial. Witness the precision of …

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